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Costa Mesa, CA
My husband didn’t want to ask my parents for help after he lost his job. We got ourselves into serious debt, and I feared the worst. I stopped answering the phone because I knew it would be the credit card company. It was a dark time. Thankfully, Cornhusker Advisors was willing to take a chance on us. We are in a much better place now.
Brookhaven, GA
Cornhusker Advisors made me feel so much better about my debt. Not just better, but less alone. They didn’t embarrass me or make me feel bad. They listened to my story and helped me create a plan that got me out of debt and on the road to serious savings. Thank goodness.
Appleton, WI
I wasn’t prepared to get laid off. I had no emergency savings. I spent way too much on my credit cards to try to make ends meet. Then I started feeling trapped by my bad choices. I honestly did not know what to do. The people at Cornhusker Advisors made the application process so easy. They were so nice and really understood where I was coming from.