5 Strategies to Talk to Aging Parents About Their Retirement Plans

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Many of us want to see our parents age gracefully. That's why we step in to help whenever they're in need. Sometimes, in order to help, you may need to talk with your aging parents about their retirement plans.

If you reach a point where you're taking care of your parents and your children, you will probably face tougher financial decisions. And you won't be the first one.

According to a study by Pew Research Center, about a third of American adults are taking care of aging parents and their children. Many are struggling to meet all their needs.

Financial experts warn that if you don't help your aging parents plan for their future, you might find yourself in the same predicament. Your financial life will most likely take a beating from these responsibilities. But it doesn't have to get there.

Getting your parents to talk about their plans for the future is one step to help them. However, it's easier said than done since most parents may not be ready for the talk. But if you're determined to give it a try, here are five tips to boost your efforts.

Start Early

Your parents will become more dependent on you as they age. Therefore, it's wise to have conversations about their future as early as possible.

These talks can be hard for both of you. Many parents aren't comfortable talking about their finances and plans with their children. But it's a conversation you must have.

When you start early, it gives you time to ease into the process without any form of pressure. But if you wait until it's too late, you may have to make their retirement decisions under pressure.

Write Down Your Concerns

Helping your aging parents plan for their future is always an emotional process. And if you don't organize your thoughts, it can be extremely difficult to achieve your goals.

Many seniors recommend writing down your concerns before having discussions. For example, you may want to help your parents understand why you're raising these issues now, and why it's important to all of you. This strategy will help ensure no concern is left behind.

Don't Rush

When talking about the future, don't rush. Give the process enough time and space to proceed at your parents' pace, not yours.

Remember that they may be viewing retirement life differently. So don't expect to conclude one sitting.

Allow your parents to express how they feel about sharing their plans with you. If they're not comfortable or they're having a bad day, don't force a conversation. They may get more stressed.

Keep The Discussion About Them

Although your parents' retirement plans are more likely to affect your life, keep the conversation about them, not you. Keep in mind that everyone values independence. And no one wants to feel like a source of worry or burden for their loved ones.

So be calculative on how you phrase things. Reiterate that sharing their plans with you is one way to ensure they're designing a lifestyle that will give them enjoyable retirement days, most freedom, and security.

Educate Yourself About Retirement

Knowledge is power, and there is no substitute for it. If you feel you're not ready to talk with your parents about their plans, spend more time learning how to do it right.

Talk to friends and colleagues who have gone through the process and ask for tips. Ask financial experts and retirement planners for advice. But while you're at it, remember that every family and situation is unique. So be sure to pick what will work best for your parents.

Getting your parents to talk about their plans can be difficult. But it's a conversation you must have if you want to help them lead a comfortable and fulfilling life as they age. We hope these tips come in handy. Good luck!


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