5 Tips to Save Money on Home Renovations During COVID-19

Husband and wife doing home renovations on their walls

Cost is always a big concern when home renovations. And during uncertain times like these, that concern escalates even further. It is therefore vital to spend more time double-checking your finances to document and determine where your money will be spent to get a return on investment.

There are several home renovations recommended to homeowners who want to prepare their homes for sale and those who want to add value. Ask any property owner or do a quick research online and you will probably land on tips such as add new flooring, update your landscaping and new roofing.

Although these home renovations can have a positive impact on your property value, they are also expensive undertakings. They can easily harm your bottom line, a mistake you can't afford to make right now.

In a bid to find affordable ways to transform homes, we analyzed tips from people who have been flipping houses for years. And this is what we uncovered.

Do Your Homework Before Your Home Renovations

Transforming a house is not a walk in the park. If you don't spend time finding affordable fixtures, you can easily blow your budget when buying things.

And one of the surest ways to cut costs when buying fixtures is by doing your homework. You may have to sit at your computer for many hours to find pocket-friendly items.

For example, be prepared to spend your evening looking for great deals on cabinet handles. Even if you save just $5, it can easily turn into an extra $50 in your pocket if you're buying 10 handles.

Work With the House

Some homeowners don't take cues from the style of their homes when making improvements. They think a complete makeover is better. But this is not always true.

House renovation experts admit that working with your house not against it will help you save hundreds to thousands of dollars. This is because you will avoid unnecessary changes.

So instead of a complete overhaul, look for special features to make the most of. For example, you can focus on opening up space, installing high ceilings and chimney breasts.

Avoid Structural Changes in Home Renovations

Making structural changes can be an expensive undertaking. Apart from hitting your wallet hard, you will spend many hours applying for planning permissions.

If you must knock things down or even install new windows, make sure you're doing it according to your local regulations.

Compare Quotes From Multiple Job Specialists

If your home needs a specialist workforce, you may want to find ways to reduce that cost. For example, any work touching on the electric, plumbing or gas can be expensive since they're usually handled by certified technicians.

If you don't know many people in the trade, you may want to ask your friends and family for affordable service providers. But if that's not on your menu, get multiple quotes from different providers.

Industry experts recommend getting at least three quotes per job. This way, you can compare prices, get an average cost for the work, and make an informed decision.

Decorate From the Heart

Improving curb appeal makes a house look inviting. It can also make a huge difference in its perceived value.

With that said, decorating your home doesn't have to be expensive. Small changes like hanging a large mirror in the hallway, repainting walls on commonly used spaces, and tidying up can have a great impact.

Improving your home during COVID-19 can be overwhelming. But with the right mindset and determination, you can add value to your property and increase your chances of getting a buyer. We hope these tips help you update your home without breaking the bank. Good luck!


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